Water Treatment PlantWater is delivered every day to the people in Escondido in quantities and pressures to meet their needs. Little thought is given to the water system that supplies them. This is a tribute to the people in the Water Division who are continually meeting the customer's needs for safe and reliable, high quality water.

The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 as amended has resulted in the establishment of strict water quality standards. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the water system has to deliver safe water to their customers with no compromises to public health. Safe water is free from pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms, toxic materials, and any other substances that could be harmful to customers.

The Water Division supplies water to approximately 26,000 residential, commercial, and agricultural customers with water from the Escondido-Vista Water Treatment Plant. The plant treats all raw water before it is delivered to customers.

The Water/Canal Division maintains the joint Escondido-Vista canal bringing water from Lake Henshaw to Lake Wohlford.

The Water/Field Operations Division employees provide maintenance and operations of the water distribution system. This system consists of approximately 25,000 service meters, 423 miles of pipelines, 50 pressure reducing/regulating stations, 5 pump stations and 11 reservoirs that must be capable of delivering water at the desired flow rates and pressures while maintaining optimal water quality. Staff also maintains the recycled distribution system.

The Water Division operates the City's two lakes, which are used for recreational purposes as well as water storage and supply.

Water Conservation programs, such as rebates and residential landscape workshops, are managed by the Environmental Programs Division.