City of Escondido Successfully Collaborates to Preserve Only Movie Theater

Contact - Jennifer Schoeneck

Phone - 760-839-4587

Escondido, CA - The City of Escondido is thrilled to announce that Regal Cinemas will remain in the City. Through a joint initiative with the location’s property owners and the support of the Downtown Business Association (DBA) and the Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce, the City worked to encourage the movie theater's continuation within the City.

The initiative included submitting a heartfelt letter of support from the City of Escondido, expressing the community's overwhelming desire to preserve this longstanding asset. Additionally, the DBA and the Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce joined forces in writing letters of encouragement, urging the movie theater, Regal Cinemas, to remain an integral part of the downtown Escondido community.

"We are thankful that Regal Cinemas heard the community through our letters of support and decided to work with the property owners to maintain the theater in the City of Escondido," stated Sean McGlynn, Escondido City Manager. The Ownership made significant concessions to make sure Regal had a profitable future going forward. This collaborative effort showcases the immense dedication of Escondido's residents, businesses, and local government in safeguarding their cherished institutions.

The property owners played a significant role in the endeavor, investing months of collaborative negotiations with Regal Cinemas and the Bankruptcy Court to devise rental terms that would entice the theater to continue operations in Escondido. Their unwavering commitment to the community's interests exemplifies the spirit of cooperation that helped secure the theater's future.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the theater as an essential part of the downtown Escondido community, the City also offered to offset a small portion of the cost of the facade improvement to the property owner. This financial support aims to offset the cost of repainting and repairing stucco within the shopping center, further enhancing the theater's appeal to its patrons.

The movie theater stands as a mainstay of community enrichment, providing not only entertainment but also a gathering place for the community. As it remains an integral part of the City's identity, the City of Escondido, along with its valued partners, encourages residents to show their support by attending more shows in person. Each ticket purchased not only offers an enjoyable experience but also signals a strong message of support, allowing the theater to maintain its presence in Escondido.

As the curtains rise for another act at the only movie theater in town, the City of Escondido extends its deepest gratitude to all those who rallied behind this cause. Together, they have demonstrated the unyielding power of a united community working tirelessly to preserve what is important to this City.