Street Cred


To request street sweeping and report street maintenance needs, potholes, missing/damaged street signs, and a variety of other concerns please use the Report It tool


Our Street Maintenance Section works diligently to provide you with a clean, safe and efficiently maintained Escondido.

Work crews keep potholes to a minimum and refresh street legends, red curbing, and miles of striping each year. We work in conjunction with the city's Street Maintenance Program, a larger vision that includes a Pavement Management Program developed to ensure efficient and proactive street management.

For more information on Escondido's Street Maintenance Program, click here.

To watch pothole repair in action, see the video here.

Along the streets, Public Works staff are responsible for the maintenance of 1,500 gutter miles. We maintain sidewalks, curbing, and the trees and vegetation in our medians and Right of Ways.



The City of Escondido operates under a permit from the Regional Water Quality Control Board that requires street sweeping be prioritized based on volume of trash and debris generated in each area, the condition of nearby water bodies and other criteria. Street sweeping removes litter, debris, brake dust, dirt and other pollutants from city streets and the storm drain system. Storm drains carry rain water - and anything else that enters the system - out to creeks, lakes and the ocean with no stop along the way for treatment or debris removal.

For more information about the city's Storm Water Program, click here.

Debris, recyclables, and vegetation litter belong in proper receptacles throughout the city. To learn more about keeping a clean Escondido, click here.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The Public Works Department works in conjunction with Escondido's Police Department to investigate reports of illegal encampments. Certain location rules apply, however, all reports can be made here.

When animals wander our city, it can be hard to know what to do. Report strays and wildlife to the San Diego Humane Society at 760-888-2275. For Dead Animal Removal within city limits, call 619-390-8204. In county areas, please call 888-299-9905.

Report abandoned vehicles to City of Escondido Police Department at 760-839-4755.

Did You Know?

Traffic Signal malfunctions: During business hours call Public Works (760) 839-4668. During off hours, call Police (760) 839-4722. However:

  • Some Traffic Signals are maintained by San Diego County.
  • Some Traffic Signals are maintained by CalTrans (along Route 78 through town and at all freeway ramp intersections).

Street lights on concrete or metal poles are maintained by the City. However:

  • Street lights on wooden poles are maintained by SDG&E.
  • Street lights attached to a CalTrans traffic signal are CalTrans.

Private streets, gated community streets, and most HOA streets are not maintained by the city, contact your HOA. However:

  • Anything within 25’ of train tracks is maintained by NCTD.
  • Anything along the I15 or 78 freeway corridors and ramps, including potholes, graffiti, irrigation leaks, fencing, debris, and overgrown vegetation is maintained by CalTrans.

For large debris, City crews will remove it when feasible. However:

  • Contact Code Enforcement if the debris is on private property. The property owner is responsible.
  • EDI will remove it quickly for a nominal fee.